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  • Bali Diving Pics

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    Bali is a beautiful island located in Indonesia. The diving was excellent. Our first dives were at Nusa Penida. The next set of dives were at Gili Tepekong. Both sites were current swept reefs. The reefs were packed with soft corals, anemones, and fish. The heavey currents made photography difficult. And I had more than my share of equipment problems. But I got a few lucky shots.  You're looking at them.
    Clownfish! More clownfish! They're everywhere! Peek-a-boo. Our last few dives were in Tulamben. On the wreck of the USS Liberty, a 296 foot American cargo ship. The ship was no longer intact.
    But it's now a great artificial reef.
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    The diving was worth the 22 hours of flying it took to get there.

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    Here, I present to you my fourth attempt at underwater photography.  If youíve been silly enough to take the time to work through my galleries one by one, youíve seen my first three attempts at underwater photography. As you browse this one, youíll most likely ask yourself what happened. I seem to have regressed in my picture taking abilities.  I agree it would seem that way. I was using the same 1.3 megapixel Reefmaster digital camera with twin strobes that I had managed reasonably decent pictures with before so I canít blame it on the quality of the equipment.  So whatís my lame excuse? I have a couple of them. First, I was having equipment issues (fogged lens, failure to turn the camera on before entering the water, camera in the wrong mode, etc). Second, I didnít do as much diving as usual. I only had about 200 pictures to choose from instead of the 700 from last time. I was still using the sweepstakes method but I didnít have as many entries.