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    DOA's Bonaire Picture gallery.

    Bonaire Picture Gallery

    DOA's Belize picture gallery

    Belize Picture Gallery

    DOA's Cozumel picture gallery

    Cozumel Picture Gallery

    DOA's Bali picture gallery

    Bali   Picture Gallery

    DOA's Cozumel 2005 picture gallery

    Cozumel 2005 Picture Gallery

    DOA's Bahamas picture gallery

    Bahamas  Picture Gallery

    As I go through these pictures from time to time updating the website, I look at the older pictures and wonder why I don’t take the horrible things off the website.  Really, what was I thinking?  Some of the shots are really, really bad. I leave them because they are evidence that I’m capable of learning from my mistakes. Or maybe the improvement is just because I keep upgrading the camera and gaining the technological benefit. At any rate, I’m surprised by which pictures are most commonly linked to or viewed.  They’re not necessarily the pictures I would have picked. Oh well, each to his own.  I hope you can gain some enjoyment from these pictures dispite the necessity of wading through all the ones that are “less than perfect”.

    Curacao Picture Gallery