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  • What is Scuba Diving?

    What is scuba diving?  Well, the acronym, SCUBA, stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Big deal, right? So you know what SCUBA stands for. That still doesnít answer the question.  What is scuba diving? Scuba diving is entering the underwater world while using scuba gear which allows you to remain underwater for an extended period of time without a connection to the surface. Scuba diving is taking a life support system with you into an environment the human body is not equipped to survive otherwise. Scuba diving is using a Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus to explore the strange, beautiful, and exciting new world of Neptune that is otherwise inaccessable. Most importantly, itís a lot of fun. To get started, youíll need the Open Water Diver Course. You can find details on that course and other scuba courses on the Courses Offered page.  Still have questions or ready to start your scuba training? Email Dave at Dave@doalasvegas.com or call 702-591-0593.

    Don't trust your life support training to a department store.  Get personalized, professional scuba training from Dave's Outdoor Adventures. The adventure begins with the Open Water Scuba Certification.  Classes start regularly.  Contact DOA to get signed up. Why get your scuba training through Dave's Outdoor Adventures?  Flexible scheduling, small class size, personalized training, and an experienced instructor.  Need more?  Call Dave's Outdoor Adventures at 702-591-0593 or send an email.