• Phone: 702-591-0593
  • E-mail: Dave@doalasvegas.com 
  • Why choose DOA?

    About Dave - As the company name implies, my name is Dave.  I am the founder, owner, and instuctor for Daveís Outdoor Adventures in Las Vegas.  I have been diving since 1992 and currently have over 1500 dives.  Most of my diving has been in Lake Mead, but Iíve also been diving all over the Carribean and in more exotic locations like Bali, Fiji, and Okinawa. I was a PADI Divemaster for six years before becoming an instructor in 2001. I currently hold over 50 different scuba certifications. I established Daveís Outdoor Adventures in 2003. When youíre dealing with DOA, youíre dealing with me and not some hourly employee who doesnít care.  I want your training experience to be positive. If you have an issue, I will do my best to resolve it.  

    Quality Training - It is my goal to develop safe, comfortable, and confident divers.  I always go beyond the minimum standard to ensure my students have all the skills they need. When you complete my Open Water Course or any of the specialty courses, you are ready to go diving within the limits of your training without needing the supervision of a dive professional.

    Small Classes - By the standards, I can put up to 12 students in a single class. I donít believe I can give enough personalized attention to develop safe, comfortable, and confident divers with that many students all at once.  I usually limit my class size to four students or less. This arrangemen allows me to give much more personalized attention and as a bonus, with smaller classes, Iím able to conduct the open water dives from the boat (at no extra charge) which gives us access to much better dive sites.

    Flexible Scheduling - Classroom from 6 to 9 pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, pool on that Saturday and Sunday, and the lake dives the following weekend works great if you have a typical 9 to 5 job and no other obligations.  With DOA, you arenít forced to conform to my schedule.  Open your calendar and weíll work out a schedule that works for you. Weekdays, weekends, mornings, evenings, or whatever you need,  we can make it work.

    Fun and Enjoyable Training Environment - As I said before, I want your training experience to be positive.  The dives are usually conducted off my 24 ft pontoon boat (with BBQ grill) in a relaxed, enjoyable environment. Diving is fun. The training should be fun as well.  It is my goal to make it that way.

    The Final Pitch - If youíre looking for quality scuba training with small classes, lots of personal attention, and a flexible schedule without having to pay the high price of a private class, DOA has what youíre looking for.  To get signed up, call me at 702-591-0593 or email dave@doalasvegas.com.