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  • Belize Diving Pics

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    Four eye butterfly Anenome pic taken in Belize while diving off the Nekton Pilot Diving off  the Nekton Pilot is an awesome way to vacation. We averaged about five dives a day. Two morning dives followed breakfast. The boat moved to a new dive site during lunch Two more dives followed lunch. We were all out of the water for dinner and a slide show. Every evening ended with a night dive after the slide show.
    So we never did more than 3 dives in any single spot. These pics represent some of the things we saw. Get certified today and join us on the next trip. Enter the underwater world. See the corals Look at some from a distance. Get up close and personal with others. There is color. And life.
    And texture. And these things. Call DOA today. Get more information about diving. Or just sign up. Dave's Outdoor Adventures offers scuba diving training and certification. Next time you're in Las Vegas, call DOA to get scuba training. Look out! Ohhhh, pretty!
    Live the adventure.
    You're eyes are wide open.
    16x macro of a feather duster. It's like reverse hypnosis. You're getting very excited. Normal is boring. Don't be normal. DOA can help you venture into abnormality. Nekton Pilot prop, starbord side.
    Tell the tales. Be the envy of your friends. Have a story worth telling about your vacation. This guy is fun at parties! I swear it's a slipper lobster, not a close up of a roach. Trumpet up close. Swim with turtles. You can run, but you can't hide. Call DOA to schedule the classes you need to get scuba certified.

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    The above gallery represents my third attempt at underwater photography. I was still using the 1.3 megapixel Reefmaster camera with twin strobes. I had no new technology to help me on this one, but I did a better job of visualizing a shot, setting it up, and snapping the picture. There was less frantic chasing of everything I could find only to get a nice shot of the butt of a terrified sea creature. The sweepstakes method of photography is still my method of choice.  The above 45 pictures are the best of about 700 shots.