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  • Bonaire Diving Pics

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    Pictures are no substitute for the experience of scuba diving. We know it's night because they only come out at night. Octopus Swimming in the deep blue sea!
    Live the adventure. The underwater world is a wonderful place.
    Contact Dave's Outdoor Adventures to get scuba certified today. Coral posing for camera.  Take an underwqter photography course and capture the pose. Sun polyps at night
    Get certified today.  Dave's Outdoor Adventures offers scuba diving classes in Las Vegas. Unless they're working.
    Classes can be tailored to your schedule. This could be you after a week of scuba training! So what are you waiting for? These aren't supposed to be subliminal messages.
    Contact DOA.  Don't wait.  Do it now!
    Coral on the railing of the Hilma Hooker.
    Spend a few hours in class. Spend a few more hours in the pool. Make five dives in Lake Mead. Become an underwater hunter! Learn underwater navigation. Take a deep diving course. Look closely.  There are two fish.
    You'll be ready to dive in and begin the adventure as a certified scuba diver.
    More wreck diving.
    Perhaps a boat diving course.
    Contact DOA for all your scuba training needs.  Check out our wreck diving course. Dave's Outdoor Adventures offers Nitrox certification.
    Take a Search and Recovery class from DOA. Contact DOA for information about scuba diving Lake Mead. Think the lake is boring?  Dive the Colorado River.
    Learn the fundamentals of diving at night in the Night Diver specialty.
    My favorite dive site in Lake Mead (not).
    You can be certified in as little as three days.
    Certification usually takes about a week. Ooooohh, baracuda! Turtle A picture is worth a thousand words. Being there is worth a thousand pictures.
    Become one of those who dives.

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    These pictures are the results of my first attempt at underwater photography.  They were taken with a Reefmaster point and shoot 35mm film camera with a single strobe.  It took me only this single trip to realize that underwater photography with film is stupid (unless you really know what you’re doing).  I took (and paid for processing of) thirteen rolls of film and the above pictures are the cream of the crop.  I seem to remember crying a little when I got the developed pictures back.