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       Before every dive, you should do a thorough buddy check. The purpose of this check is not only to make sure your gear is ready to dive, but also so you know your buddy’s gear. You should know your buddy’s gear as well as your own. Should an emergency occur, you must be able to operate or remove your buddy’s gear.  An acronym to help remember the things to check during a buddy check is SEABAG.  The SEA part of SEABAG is dive planning.  The BAG part of SEABAG is the actual buddy check.    

         Signals - Before the dive, go over all the signals you will need to communicate during the dive. This is especially important if you’re diving with someone you don’t normally dive with or if you’re diving in an environment that may require new signals.
         Emergencies - What does it take to get help?  How do you activate the EMS?  Make sure everyone knows the following: how to call for help (911, radio frequencies, etc), location (where to send the EMS), and location of first aid/oxygen kit.  You’ll also want to cover lost buddy procedures and turn gas.
         Activity - What’s the purpose of the dive?  How deep will you go and how long will you stay?  Make sure everybody understands the plan.
         Buoyancy - Check the weight system. Is it a weight belt or an integrated system? How do you release it? Check the BCD. Is everything clipped and buckled? Is anything twisted? Is the low pressure inflator connected?  Where are the quick releases?
         Air - Check your buddy’s air. How much air does he have? Is the air turned all the way on and back a quarter turn?  What kind of alternate air source does he have and how does it work.  Are both regulators functioning properly?
         Gear and go - This covers anything not already covered like lights, knives, lift bags, cameras, etc.