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  • Cozumel Diving Pics

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    You simply fall off the back of the boat
    I practice my buoyancy in Lake Mead so I don't flounder when I'm on the reef. Bugs! The diving in Cozumel is very easy.
    There's a lot to see. The reef drops off as far as you can see. There's a lot to do.
    Contact DOA to learn to dive today. Cozumel was great for drift diving.
    Like what you see here?
    and ride the current while admiring the amazing underwater world. There are no surface swims. It just doesn't get much easer than that.
    When much to your dismay, you realize your air is low and it's time to surface, You just go to the surface. The boat comes to you and picks you up. I was trying to get a pic of his tonsils.
    And two pool sessions.
    Get scuba certified. usually takes about a week. There are two to three classroom sessions.
    Take specialty courses. The Open Water Diver course
    Improve your skills. Contact DOA for scheduling and prices. Got buoyancy?
    Followed by five dives in Lake Mead. The specialty courses generally consist of a couple hours of classroom and two dives. Octopus Swim with stuff that isn't fish!
    Specialty courses are usually completed in a single evening. Check out the dive training page. See what Dave's Outdoor Adventures has to offer you. It's okay.  They don't bite (hard).
    Looking for a dive buddy? Contact DOA.
    slipper lobster Take the boat diving specialty. I thought boats were supposed to be on the surface. We'll put you in touch with other local divers.
    Swim with the fish. Wreck diving.
    It's a blast!
    Unless you're crabby. See you in Lake Mead. Let's dive the Colorado River. Keep learning.
    Keep diving. Pass the excitement on to non divers.