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  • Curacao Diving Pics

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    Still not sure scuba is right for you? That's okay.  There are many enjoyable alternative hobbies. Instead of scuba, you could admire your collection of toenail clippings. Or perhaps conduct a comparative study of tile grout. There's always skeet shooting, but it upsets the neighbors. If you haven't signed up for scuba classes because you think it's too expensive, you could take up a less expensive sport like golf. or NASCAR racing.
    Once you have the training and gear, it can be relatively inexpensive. Unless you want to brag about how much you spend on your hobbies. Then it can cost as much as you want it to. So you see, scuba will meet your needs whatever they may be. Contact DOA and get started today. Why are you still reading these stupid things?  I said call DOA and get signed up. I can see you don't take direction well.
    Admittedly, there is an initial investment to get into scuba.
    The number is 702-591-0593.  You can sign up over the phone and still look at the pretty pictures. You can also email dave@doalasvegas for more information. While you sit here surfing this web site, life is passing you by. You could be out diving instead. Unless you're at work. If you're at work, shouldn't you be working? I suppose it's okay this time.  Just don't let the boss catch you slacking off. You know, work is for people who don't dive.
    Learn to dive and you can quit your job! You'll get hungry. And you'll lose your house and your car. I guess that was bad advise.  Don't quit your job as soon as you get certified. Take the underwater hunter course before you quit so you'll at least be able to eat. Octopus!!! Need more incentive? I was saving this until the very last.
    Have a seat and read on. Are you sitting down? Here it comes! The number one reason you should learn to dive is because . . . all the cool people are doing it. How can you resist now? Sign up with DOA today. web:  www.doalasvegas,  email:  dave@doalasvegas.com,  phone:  702-591-0593

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    If you are just recovering from the disaster of the Bali pictures, take care in viewing these pictures.  This is underwater photography try number 7. These were taken with the Reefmaster 3.3 megapixel digital camera (twin strobes).  Through the other 6 attempts, I have learned more about what makes a good picture.  There are some good pics above, but you might not see the improvement over Cozumel 2005 youíd expect.  On this trip I didnít have the advantage of the sweepstakes method that has served me so well in the past. These are the best 45 of about 200.  I took less pictures this time because I upgraded to video. I intend to post video if I can determine how to do it without crashing the site and/or causing long painful download tmes. That should be interesting.  I havenít even managed to set up an automatic slide show for the still pictures.  I fear there will be website disaster in my future.  Oh well, stay tuned.  You might get a laugh out of it.

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