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  • Open Water Diver Course

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      • Includes:  Everything you need for the class except your mask, snorkel, booties, and fins, and your entrance fees to Lake Mead. I will not pretend my Open Water Course cost $99 then nickel and dime you with additional fees.  When you pay for the Dave’s Outdoor Adventures Open Water Course, you will not have to pay extra for ANY of the following:
        • Instructional materials
        • Log book
        • Rental gear
        • Air fills
        • Pool fees
        • Classroom fees
        • Student registration fee.
        • Certification card fee
        • Instructor Fees
      • Additional requirements:
        • Scuba quality mask, snorkel, booties, and fins and your entrance fees to Lake Mead NRA.

    The Open Water Diver Course, the course where it all begins, teaches the basic skills of scuba diving. It is the initial training upon which all other training is built.  The Open Water Diver course is required to be a diver.  It is the training that officially makes a diver a diver. All course work after Open Water Diver training develops a better diver.

    The Open Water Diver class is a combination of home-study, classroom, pool training, and open water training.  The student watches the video and completes the workbook before the first day of class.  The classroom portion is broken into two to three sessions covering equipment, the physics of diving, and the underwater environment.  The pool training is where the students have the opportunity to learn and practice scuba skills in a very controlled and comfortable setting.  Finally, the open water training consists of five dives over two days. The focus of the five open water dives, usually done in Lake Mead, is to build confidence and review the skills taught in the pool.

    In summary, Becoming a scuba diver begins with the Open Water Diver course.  This course teaches the basics of scuba diving. Once the Open Water Diver course is complete, you will officially be one of those who dives. Such status brings with it the entitlement to, without reservation, look down upon those who do not.