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  • SDI Divemaster

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      • Pre-requisites
        • 18 years old
        • Certified as Advanced Diver (Advanced certification must include Deep and Night/limited visibility)
        • Certified as Rescue Diver
        • Have current CPR and First Aid (DOA offers First aid/CPR certification)
        • Have current diving physical exam
        • Have a minimum of 40 dives

    The Divemaster is SDI’s first level of diving leadership. The Divemaster course is designed to develop the skills & knowledge necessary for an individual to lead certified divers in the open water environment. Upon completion, graduates may assist instructors during diving courses and supervise and conduct dives for certified divers. This course trains candidates to have leadership level knowledge and skill.

    The highest level of recreational diving is the Master Diver.  Up to that point, your training focused primarily on improving or expanding your own diving skills.  As a divemaster, you take on a leadership role and begin to help other divers improve or expand their diving skills.  Being a divemaster is both exciting and rewarding.